My musing day

The only way

to do

great work

Is to

Love what

You do!

Steve Jobs


Over the last few weeks, I have mused about my crafting skills, my diet life, my running life, my family life, my friends.

Was I happy enough creating some of the projects for my classes, was I good enough to keep teaching and demonstrating? Will I regain all 6 stone if i eat that bit of cake? Will I be the worst runner ever, if I only like running whilst its light with a slight wind to cool me down? Do I spend enough time with my friends and family socially?

The quote above really made me stop and think!

And do you know what the outcome was,

I do enjoy making cards as long as I have the time to relax and make them and can believe in the products I am using. So need to create for me and then plan it into a workshop - after all my ladies stick with me so I must be doing something right!

Demonstrating, I love as its like a quick fire round of sharing hints and tips, enabling people to use the products I am, it is my job to give them the need for the product, it is the shops job to sell it.

I have to relax my dieting brain, eat healthy 6 days a week and enjoy my weeklies on one day.

Run when I want to and If I want to, not because I need a faster time and further distance.

Family and friends, I am going to take time out from work, diet and exercise to love, laugh and live with you more.

Just thought I would share!

Hugs Tracy xx




Jill said…
Sounds like a really good philosophy Tracy. Jill x
Cards by Alison said…
Sounds good to me Tracy. Alison xx