All this mess and absolutely nothing to show!

Well good evening everyone, I cannot believe it is 6.17pm on Sunday evening already!

I really don't know where the time has gone today.

I went travelling blog land this morning and came across some lovey pieces of work and left a few comments here and there and no doubt, I will do the same again later on.

(I am just going to waffle here a moment, but bare with, it does all tie up the post lovely.)

I must admit I just sobbed at the end of Under cover boss USA, I have not watched this programme before and probably won't again, but it did bring a lump to my throat. It is always lovely to see good things come to hardworking people. Really uplifting!

Which the same can not be Said of my craft workspace right now!

I am having an I don't like it day today, everything I have done, has resulted in a deep sigh, a shrug of the shoulders and a quietly spoken, " nope, I don't like it."

Now I know we all get days like this lol! But you can bet your last sticky gem on the fact that at 3am tomorrow morning the muse will hit me, and a wriggly sleepless night/ morning will ensue!

So what I would like to know from all my fellow bloggers and mateys out there in craft land is.

How do you cope when your mojo has left you for the day to go and be creative with another craft enthusiast? Or what do you do, if its sneaks back in the wee early hours expecting you to take it back and carry on as it never deserted you?

Hugs Tracy xxx


Elaine said…
My mojo has disappeared at the moment, so I try something I haven't done in a while or something completely new to me. At the moment I am making a Nappy Cake for someone.
Chris said…
My mojo quite often goes for a walkabout so I do a bit of tidying up and I might come across a pretty paper and think I can use that on this, or I walk away for a bit because if mojo can go for a walk so can I lol. or lastly I will visit a few blogs to try and get inspiration. Your desk looks just like mine at the moment. If I bump into your mojo I will send it back to you. Chris xx
Bernie Simmons said…
Call it a learning day ...a growing day and move on. walk away come back with fresh eyes and start again sometimes it's a TA! DA! moment at 3 in the morning...sometimes it's not. Don't stress xxx
Jill said…
Mojo is a funny thing! You start something and you think 'where am I going' and then as you fumble along your project, suddenly the penny drops.... Well sometimes it does! Jill x
Doreen said…
Oh Tracy,I go round lots of blogs and pick up lots of ideas,and have a general clean up of my craft area.Or find a challenge to enter such as a sketch it gets you moving
Craftylollea said…
Oh Tracey I often have days where my mojo just ups and leaves me and just like Doreen said I have a crafty tidy-up and then I usually stumble upon something, maybe a DP or a fab embellie and then hey voila my mojo's back again lol :)
Hugz, Lorraine xx
I give up when my mojo leaves me and if I get a spurt in the middle of the night I write it down on my phone to be honest! xx
Cards by Alison said…
Hi Tracy my mojo stayed in hospital when I came home on Thursday still waiting for it to give me a call so I can go and collect it. Hope you find your mojo soon. Love Alison xx