My 2013 will restart in February!

I wanted so much to start back blogging with a bang in January 2013!

But my year has been testing to say the least already, I have received some lovely products to play with and hope to be able to show some soon, as soon as I have made something any how.

On Sunday evening I took my best boy Oscar (border collie) for a walk, we did a lovely 5 mile jaunt and on the last half mile downhill, I slipped on black ice, cracking my head on the pavement as I went down with such a thwack it made me sick, and I stupidly left my mobile phone at home, so could not call home for help. Poor Oscar the look on his face was like - ooh what happened, what I'd do? He was so sweet as I staggered up kept by my side as we slowly walked the rest of the way home.

I walked in the door and burst into tears like a big wuss! Hubby was so shocked.

Cut along story short after a trip to a and e, I have a huge bump on the back of my head, concussion, whiplash, bruised elbows and today oh my my ribs are killing.

Glad it was dark so no one so me fall, so embarrassing.

So I am taking it easy, but being home I have looked at lots and lots of storage solutions for my soon to be redesigned craft room, and it really has given me a new thirst for crafting, YES, at last, every cloud has a silver lining. Will post before pictures, during and afters if I can.

I have also provisionally booked myself on a little indulgence weekend away in November at Crafters companion Craftaganza, its the first time I have booked into a retreat to play, and not too teach, I cannot wait to meet the rest of the DT in person. Something else to look forward too :-)

Well that's a quick round up speak soon

Hugs xxx


Jill said…
Ouch, poor you Tracy. Sending you hugs. Jill xx
Karen said…
oh dear. you take it easy Mrs x
Karen said…
oh dear make sure you take it easy x
Cards by Alison said…
Tracy you poor love hope you start to feel better soon and that you are getting plenty of rest, if there is anything I can do to help let me know. Love Alison xxx