Late post from me today!

But it has been a rather busy day!

Sorry if you are seeing this on Facebook via Just Tracy's as its not craft related but it automatically uploads to there cause its me?#*#?

Any who, you can tell I am back firing on all cylinders so to speak as I have batched cooked healthy meals until the cows come home this morning, I cannot get anything else in my freezer.

Then we had an outing to B and Q got the paint for the hallway, yippee!!! No more red/ orange walls.

Then we had a fire alarm inspection, god I felt old! The fireman they sent was just a wee lad, bless him.

At around 2.30 I took myself and Oscar out for a 5 mile walk, he was expecting to run but mummy said no as at 6.30 this evening I ventured out with the Musketeers running group for the first time in 2 months, oh boy my legs are now feeling it. My run was just shy of 6 miles according to map my run.


I have had a lovely soak in the bath, my evening meal was delish and I have enough points for 3 quality street sweets and a ww biscuit result. ( had lots of low point food today).

I vow to craft tomorrow, so I have pretties to show you crafters out there.

Bye for now, and thanks for stopping by. Xxxx