WHOO HOO!! Pen storage at last

I am a pen freak I admit it, there it's out there loud and clear.

But I am so excited by this latest product from Crafters Companion, it is the most amazing pen storage system, now obviously it is designed for use with Spectrum Noirs, but it holds, pro markers, distress markers, copics and more - infant any pen upto 5/8" in diameter, how fantastic is that.

Here is how I used to have my pens

Well my species any hoo, my pro markers, copics, distress markers are all in plastic a4 boxes, which I have to rummage through. Not any more, look at this



Yehaa how cool is that?

Each unit holds 12 pens and retails at £5.99 per unit, they stack side by side, tilting or straight, I am definitely going to be getting more of these for all my pens.

The rumour is these are launching on create and craft in one of Leann Chivers shows on Monday, but I have not had that confirmed yet, don't worry though as we will be ordering them in at Just Tracy's Crafts for all our lovely customers soon xxxxx

Happy happy dance xxx


Annemaritta said…
Fantastic storage! Really really fab. BUT 168 pens need 14 racks and that will cost you over £80. :(

Wonderful anyway.
Tracy said…
Aah but its launching on create and craft with a special 4 day deal on Monday ;-)
Mel said…
Hi Tracy,

I had to let you know that I have just stopped by your blog and it is fantastic, I am so loving the new pen storage, and it is much needed as there is not alot out there for universal storage that can also hold the copics as well as the spectrum noirs, I will be waiting to see what the deal is on monday! I was the lady that popped into your shop sat afternoon for the double sided tape just so you know who I am, will be checking by reguarly now!
Mel said…
Hi Tracy,

I have just checked out your blog and it is fantastic, I am lovin the pen storage and will defo been watching on monday to see what the deal is! this is exactly what I have been looking for and it has been hard to find universal storage which holds both the copics and the spectrum noirs! I am the lady that popped in your shop on saturday for the double sided tape! will be defo checking out your blog reguarly.