Clean and simple punched card!

Sometimes I need a quick card, just to send NOW!! You know the cards, that oh I just remembered its great aunt Mabel , your mums third aunt removed or something like that, birthday tomorrow. For these cards something quick, simple and fresh are the order of the day.

I cannot spend time (hours) colouring in, and at these times I revert back to my old friend the punches.

2" scallop, 1.5" circle, and 2 different size flower punches were used on this card.

Hope you likey!

In other life, tonight, I have my first ever 5km race, lots of people from all over Plymouth ( mainly running groups) will be taking part. Gulp!

I never intended to run in races, but need to see how well I am doing. Will know after tonight I guess. Here's hoping I don't make an idiot of myself.

Till next time bye xxxx