Tuesday day off!

Well it is Tuesday morning and I am sat In my front room nice and early as I was rudely awoken from my slumber by my puppy Oscar being poorly, so that's what type of day it's going to be hey? Well maintaining seems to be going well on the old ww, went last night and managed to remain at my target weight ! My friend Elaine has joined me on this journey as well as my running one. It's really nice to have someone to share all the highs and lows with, someone who is actually doing the same. Supposed to be going interval training tonight but hubby wants to change the plans - when he gets up we will talk and see, think i may need to compromise this week as he does not ask for much. Only have shopping to do this morning so off to write my list and plan my menus for the week. Tonight i hope to get a few rows of knitting done I am knitting a lovely Aran cardy for myself and then hope to read a few pages of my new download on my kindle - the lates offering from Karin Slaughter. Oh and I am writing this on my new iPad, my treat to myself for getting to goal weight LOL! Speak soon


Bernie Simmons said…
Sounds like a busy day Tracy.....Sorry to hear Oscar is poorly ...(just make sure he drinks and if you are worried phone the vet Puppies can go downhill very quickly)xxx