Its been a while!

I have no excuses other that life!!

I would say it gets in the way but to be honest thats a lie!! Sometimes we need to focus on different areas of our lives.

Whilst the shop has been ticking along, and I have been crafting for workshops and shows, I have to admit not doing a lot of any other crafting - I will do some soon but for now I am enjoying meeting some new people and getting out in the big outdoors.

A lot of you who now me know that I finally reached my goal weight and target of losing 6 stone and with that I made a very brave step and visited a local running club (Plymouth Musketeers) with  a view to joining.  All I can say is after the 2nd week I am totally hooked. Running outdoors is fun!!

So I have today agreed to do a Wednesday evening time trial run on August 15th which is a 5k run, I know I will finish at the back of the pack - but every body starts somewhere, right?

Then on the 16th September I will be entering my first organised run event - again its a 5km run at Saltram house but for Charity.  If you would like and I would appreciate it so much if you were to you can sponsor me here:

Its for a worthy cause The British Heart Foundation.

Then If I am feeling really Brave ( or stupid) I may enter the Plymouth 10K in November.

Watch this space