Good morning world it's a brand new day!!!

We have been basking in the most beautiful sunshine this week, it has been lovely. I hope you have all managed to enjoy it, as it looks like the end is insight if the weather forecasters are to be believed. Well last night I ended up going to my running club after all, did have the wobbles about running for the first time in such heat, will it be too hot? Will I cope? Blah de blah blah, you know how you try and talk yourself out of something. Was a good girl went, and then discovered it was the clubs trial time 5km race. Oh my god! I don't consider my self a fast runner at the best of times and in this heat! Off we went and I set my new nifty garmin forerunner 110. Off I went! Well nice run down a longish hill, enjoying this. Realisation quickly dawns nice long hill down normally means nice long hills back up! This course did not let me down, lol. Why do these hills not look so big when travelling by car? Nearly finished and I thought omg I need a wee (sorry, too much information) but it totally threw me and ended up concentrating so hard and not wetting myself, lol, that I did end up walking one of the last hills. But I did it in 33 minutes and 59 seconds, phew, it was hot though. So another couple of first out the way. Heat and timed. Today starts in a more sedate way as I am travelling to Wrexham today for the artstamps exhibition. 4 hours or more in the car, hopefully not to hot and busy one the roads. Workshops are all organised and I just need to be the admin. hopefully whilst there I will find my crafting mojo, that at present has gone on holiday, to where, I know not. I hope it sends me a postcard soon so I can demand it comes home. Chat soon have a great day everyone. Tracy


Karen said…
Well done Tracy - knew you could do it. Have a fun weekend - see you next week
Jill said…
Wow Tracy you'll be a marathon runner in no time at all!!

Have a good time in Wrexham. Take care Jill x