Washed out Jubilee!

So sad that street parties and  all those celbrations have been kiboshed by the weather. Hopefully as we are in good ole blighty, the organisers of these events had contigency plans in place and everybody still gets to have a good time.

Here in Plymouth today it is our Half marathon day also, I have many friends running this event today and wish them all luck in their PB's etc. Next Year I will be running this event, today I therefore sign the pledge.

I have been confined indoors mostly today and having sat for most of the day apart from a touch of food shopping this morning, I am now feeling sluggish and restless - What a Difference a life style makes! I am itching to excercise, so tomorrow, I am going to run come hell or high water.

Well Yesterday was my birthday and I was spoilt!  Hubby Bought me a bottle of Opium Perfume and a watch.
My eldest daughter got me a fab mantaray bag and a pair of sandals, youngest daughter got me a beautiful dress from monsoon.

Really need to do some crafting soon!


Jill said…
Glad you had a lovely day Tracy! Jill x