My other life outside Craft - continues!

Well way back in april, I added and extra page up the top ^^^ of this blog to be my healthy lifestyle blog, yeah thats as far as that blog got. I am glad to say though that the healthy living bit continued and I am feeling fitter by the day. So I have decided to just put it on here.

So from 15 stone 7lbs in  mid September 2010, AS of Monday 2nd April 2012 I weighed in at 10stone 2lbs. 75lbs gone.  Little bit to go to get in my Healthy weight range, but achievable by the summer.

Yes It has taken me a while but I want to keep it off and not yo-yo. So Exercise has become a very important part of my new lifestyle.

I went from being a total couch potato, to know that I can now run 5k regularly on my treadmill.  I liked a leisurely swim twice a week with my mum ( I can manage 1 mile an hour of my style of breast stroke with head permanently above water).

Yesterday we did our normal swim and I spied a little tiny poster.

  "Swim for fitness" 
Starts Tuesday 3rd April
 8pm - 9.30pm.

Oooh says I, think I would like to give that a go see what its like. 
 In the words of all the cheesy american tv programmes : OMG!!!!

It was just me and another person with the instructor in the entire pool : first night and all quietness.
She asked me to get in and swim a couple of lengths to show her my style.  It appears it is more a lack of style.  When swimming the breaststroke my frogs legs are not positioning right.  So we work on that, OH my word do my thighs ache today!!!

Next phase, lets work on your breathing, I can now swim whilst breathing out under water and breathing in above water. RESULT!!!  Need goggles now though, how attractive, LOL!

Keep going and practice that I am told, 9.10pm and I am totally shattered and have to get out of the pool. My neck and shoulders have discovered muscles never ever used in this lifetime.

Cannot make next week, due to going to see the King and I at Plymouth Theatre Royal.  Definitely going back the following week though, felt like I had a really good work out.

Till next time



perfectly4med said…
Wow - what an impressive achievement - both the weight loss and the change of lifestyle! The swimming for fitness sounds brilliant, and something I could do with doing! Keep going :)
Cards by Alison said…
Congratulations Tracy on your weight loss you are looking really good and are an inspiration to the rest of us on a health life change. Love Alison xxxx