Well it is Tuesday morning, and I am sitting here slightly perplexed a little bemused, cunfuddled, but Very Very Happy.

Why Well two things,

For those of you that have chanced upon my blog or posts before you will know I am 1/2lb queen, most weeks, I live comfortably with the fact that I will lose 1/2lb, regardless of excercise, swapping things, upping pp, lowing pp, it a 1/2lb.

So went along to meeting and whoa!!! 1.5lbs off. I was that gobsmacked I had to go lay down for half an hour to get over the shock!!! Yeaaasss!

Now I normally Stay for meetings to help my leader weigh in peeps, but this week I had to make a hasty retreat so could not have that nice warm glow, of being a good wwatcher for the meeting, as now here is the second thing ........

Back on the awful awful 15th January, I had to have my beautiful old boy Barney put to sleep, Devastated was me, Still am to a point.

Now I had my sensible head on - we will get another just not yet, We have a lot on this year, we will have a holiday abroad for the first time in years this year, I am not ready, you know the story if you are a lover of animals.

So this Sunday was my day off, I Have struggled with days off since that fateful day, hated them. So went to see my mum in the morning, and got a bit maudlin, and she commented I had lost my twinkle and was lost in side.

Went home feeling so sad, walked in the door and hubby said, do you want to look online for any possibles in the not too distant future, the home is just not a home right now.

Now we were only looking, it was stipulated very clearly by my hubby. So Okay, well this was at 1.30pm, by 3.30pm we were driving home with this little cutie ,

we could not help it He stole my heart, the minute I looked at him.

So In a very happy daze, with my new boy, but I will never ever forget my old boy xxx


Jill said…
Well done on the weight loss Tracy, you really are doing well.
Can't wait to meet the new boy on the block! Jill x
Karen said…
He looks beautiful Babes, you are a silly billy but I hope he makes you happy - I've missed your bubbly side and I can't wait to meet Oscar
Bernie Simmons said…
If he makes you half as happy as Barney did then he's worth it Tracy and as for the weight loss.....YIPEEEEEEEEEE!
Karen said…
brought a tear to my eye, he is adorable, I had to have my boy put to sleep September 2009 and it still hurts today, enjoy your new family member and well done on the weight loss x