OOH I am in Print - LOL!!!

Well If I am not already I soon will be, in Creative Cardmaking Issue 39.

I had a Phonecall on Friday 6th January, the conversation went something like.
Tracy alongside your advert could you do a project for the magazine.
Yes Says I.
Right says they, we need to box / bag/ favour boxes, with templates, written instructions, hints tips and on a wedding/spring/easter theme.
Cool says they, we need it all by the 20th January.
Gulp says I, not to bad if the fact of the matter was, we are just back from Christmas break, we are about to start knocking a hole in he shop through to next door to allow for the new workshop, and I have workshops to prep, DT work to do.

LOL!  I don't think the word NO is in my vocabulary some days, hey ho, hubby says I work better under pressure.

Any who, this is what I cam up with,

I think it fits the bill, well I hope it does.

Project one - the hexagonal box

top view

Side View

Bit of Both

Then the Triangle box

Now I purposefully (is that a word!) kept this simple with technique, as I felt they did not need too much.

Anyway I have Scheduled this post for the future! So by the time you read this hopefully they would have been out in the magazine, if not you got a sneaky peek early oops!!


ENJAY said…
Beautiful and well done Tracey!!.xx
Louise Welsh said…
fab news tracy and the boxes are amazing. louise xx