Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Well I know its been a while since my last post and I may have to make it a new years resolution to post on here more, but I have been busy honest! Trying to plan for workshops, demos and surprises next year!

Somebody needs to remind me that there is still only 24 hours in any day!!!  I will never learn.

If you are a regular visitor to the shop/ blogs etc you may have noticed a little theme running, that I am the princess!!

This all started a couple of years ago at the Artstamps Exhibitions when we were laughing and joking about demanding people and I happened to say quite loudly - well honestly you think people would just know that I am "The Princess".  This progressed to a retreat one year where my Self and Lynn Courteney of Flutterby Crafts wore Tiaras to the evening meal - because we were princesses, Hence the joke carried on. This carried on when more recently Jill the Scrapbook tutor in Our shop did a layout of me on a demo day and titled it once upon a time there was a princess.

But Wait, Hang on!!   Karen and her lovely Hubby John have trumped you all.  Whilst out at our Christmas meal last week, Karen was giggling and produce a little pressie for me!!!


Its a pink diamante princess cover for my Blackberry!!

I love it.

From then we decided that Karen Must be Queen as she often gets mistaken for my mum!
Which after reading her beautiful blog post today I have decided is oh so true!

Her Quilting projects this year have been fab - and
 Obviously I have been working so much harder than her in the shop as I Have loads Of UFO's (unfinished objects) lying around me! and she has finished all those!!

I too would like to thank everybody who supports us in our adventure!!
Merry Christmas to you all.
Tracy xxx


Jill said…
Mmm..... If you think I am bowing backwards as I walk out of the shop.... Forget it!!! Jill x