Friday, 29 April 2011

What a Lovely Day!

Posted by tracy watkiss at 19:21
I have been glued to my TV all day, I am proud to be British and our royal family.  I think we are slowly losing our Identity as we get told more and more we are a multi cutural society.  Whilst that is a good thing,  I truly believe we need not loose our British heritage, religions and traditions.

Back to the wedding - two lovely well groomed and well balanced young lads emerged out to great the crowds first.  Pippa Middleton looked absolutely Stunning, but Catherine was a dream in understated elegance, holding onto her dads hand the whole way through.

The kisses on the balcony - AWWWW!!!

But the best thing for me was the Aston Martin and the Just Wed number plate.  FANTASTIC!!!!




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