Weigh in tonight and playing from last week!

Cannot believe it is monday again, I have had such a busy week this week.

Last week I made this little flower from some tuille and a brad, so quick and easy to do, will have to show everyone how to do these in a card class soon.

Thought you might like to see these pictures,
I don't get out much to socialise
 as you can probably tell by this next photo,
 it was taken at the Premier Darts League night,
 at Westpoint Exeter last Thursday.
Which was a fab night,
Phil The power Taylor, Raymond Barneveld and more.  Really great fun was had.

Although Hubby was not to keen on wearing his specs - vanity such a curse.

On the way home as I had not eaten we decided to go for Maccy D's

The young lad was looking at me strange, and what my adorable family had neglected to tell me was, the glasses which were bright green, had rubbed off onto either side of my nose and I had two great big green streaks either side of my nose.  Thanks then loved ones.

Any how back on track WW tonight I hope, keeping everything crossed I did not do any damage with the maccy d's.


Linda said…
Hope the weigh in went well. Pretty flower and you look great in those glasses - you need to do a LO to go with the photos now!