busy busy bumblebee!

Well another day has been and gone and the shop was really busy today.  We had 8 ladies in for a workshop this morning with Karen doing parchment and then this afternoon we had Christmas card club going on.

In amongst all this I have been designing a new collection for our stamp range,  we have been showing sneaky peeks of Wills and Kate designed for us by Rainbow Studios.  But I also like to dabble with designing and drawing so thought I would share a sneaky peek preview with you of my little mate, buzz bumble.

Aint he a cutey,  He has some little friends too, but you will have to wait to see them.  I would love to hear what you think of him.

Whilst I am typing this I have had my fix of trashy gossip girl, I know its sad but this and Vampire diaries are my weak tv - switch off and don't think moments.

I am also back on my diet wagon after having a two week break - yay me! 

I am so excited as tomorrow night I am going out with my hubby, my eldest daughter and her fiance and my youngest daughter.

It means I have to leave the shop early though as we have to be in Exeter by 6pm as the doors open, I am off to Westpoint to watch the premier darts league, I love my darts, I have to admit.

But first I have another busy workshop in the morning.

So I had better get some shut eye tonight as tomorrow will be a late one.



Linda said…
I hope you had a lovely evening Tracy - I love watching the darts too.

Buzz bumble is really sweet - will hopefully fly out the door - groan - sorry!
Rachel Webber said…
I love him - can't wait to see the rest of the collection!